How Do You Whiten Sheer Curtains?

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Sheer curtains are one of the beautiful curtain types that you can have it at your place. It gives you privacy at the same time it allows the sunlight also to come in. Most of the sheer curtains are made up of polyester material. Polyester needs frequent cleaning and proper maintenance to look fresh and clean. Ignoring the cleaning methods can make your curtains look ugly and untidy, sometimes even the color would change. So, given below are a few steps of how to whiten your sheer curtains.

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Know your Curtain Type:

  • Knowing the particular type is very important not only in Sheer Fabric Curtain Cleaning method but in all.
  • Before you start cleaning try to read the batch, information regarding the curtain. If needed try to consult a professional and get knowledge on what type of cleaning product to use and what type of cleaning method to employee.
  • Try not washing all the curtains on the same day. Try to split and wash the curtains so that it would be easy to concentrate and clean it properly.
  • Make sure you dust the curtains well before start washing it with water or with detergent solution.
  • Pre dusting process can help you very well to get rid of all the dust particles.
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Using Bleach and Detergent:

  • Sheer curtains can be washed in the machines without any doubt. So, try to spin your washing machine in a freshwater cleaning cycle process.
  • Make sure you gently clean the curtains.
  • Mix one cup of a good detergent powder and half a cup of bleach powder in water. Half a cup of bleach powder would be a safe cleaning mixture.
  • Post washing the curtains in the machine, you will have to rinse it properly and then dry.
  • This method can be handy and the curtains can be maintained freshly and cleanly when it is done frequently.
  • Using this method of washing the curtains at least once a month would help you to maintain the curtain in a good way. According to the dust settled, it can be washed twice a week also.
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Washing Method:

  • Whenever you wash the curtains, try washing them with the help of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water will significantly remove all the germs and dust from the curtains.
  • Lukewarm water also helps to avoid small insects and mildews that have settled in the curtain. It is a beneficial source in the curtain mold removal process.
  • Usually, when you are using cleaning products, Sheer Curtain Cleaning process does not need in-depth checking. But then ignoring and using the wrong products can damage the curtains.
  • You can just fill the washing machine with lukewarm water and detergent. Start washing it and then dry it thoroughly.
  • If the curtain is not dried completely, it may produce unpleasant odor which is not good. So, thoroughly dry the curtain and then start using it.

It is even better if it is involved in the Curtain Deodorizing process at the end.

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