Best Ways For Cleaning Dust Mites

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The allergy fit going around your house could very well be because of dust mites. These microscopic arachnids make home in  your linens, furniture, pillows and toys. They are acutely small but tend to excrete everywhere they live. Their droppings can trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions.

Dust mites are so tiny, it is impossible to completely eradicate  them from your household, however, you can keep them under check so allergy and irritations do not spread around. Dust mites can also trigger asthma attacks, so cleaning to keep dust mites in check is important.

  1. Dusting using a damp cloth-  dust mites live off of dander, dead skin and other particles in dust. So, it is highly likely that any area with dust also has dust mites. An effective way of getting rid of dust mites is eliminating their food source. Dusting using a damp cloth does just that. Rinse the damp cloth regularly to make sure you don’t spread dust with it.

Why damp cloth?

  • Because dry cloth will spread the dust and allergens around the house.
  • Make sure to thoroughly dust shelves, decorations, pictures, fixtures, furniture and any other items that might collect dust.
  1.  Vacuuming- vacuuming is just about the perfect dust cleaning method ever created. It gets rid of skin, dust, dust mites’ droppings and other allergens. Make sure you vacuum has a HEPA filter, it prevents dust and allergens from being blown around the house.
  • Vacuum baseboards, furniture, rugs, carpeting, underneath and behind furniture and floors with special attention
  • Use upholstery attachments when cleaning you furniture to take off dust from crevices , corners and seams.
  1.    Wash bedding in hot water- Your bedding is probably the most comfortable place for your dust mites to hide. They can get everywhere from pillow cases, blankets, covers and sheet. Throw your bedding in the washing machine with hot water on the regular cycle. Once the washing cycle is complete, toss the dryer in the dryer on the hot setting.
  • Make sure that the dryer or machine reaches between 54 to 60 degree C or 130 and 150 F.
  1. Clean drapes and curtains- Heavy curtains make for the next comfortable spot for dust mites after bedding. Cleaning curtains properly can help reduce the amount of dust mites in your household. First, remove the drapes and curtains from their rods and check for the care label to see the washing instructions
  • To clean washable curtains, remove any hangers or hooks and toss them into the washing machine in hot water. Dry them in a dryer on a hot setting or air dry them, as per the care label.
  • Give the curtains that can only be dry cleaned to a reliable Curtain Cleaning Service.
  1. Wash toys- stuffed animals, toys and any other fabric plush fabric items make a great home for dust mites. Wash these items in hot water in the washing machine and dry them in the dryer on high heat. Anything that can’t be washed needs to be frozen.  Call us on 1800 557 868 for the same day bookings.

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