About Us

About Us – Kaloo Toys, Cane Prams, Pedal Cars & David Fussenegger

With a midwifery background and two of my own, you could say that babies are my life. The whole process, from conception to the growth and development of children, takes my breath away.

To have a child is such a gift and what better way to celebrate it than with a beautiful gift for a brand new life.  Little Wagon prides itself on selecting quality gifts and toys  from around the globe. We do not base ourselves on the necessities of the occasion(although there may be a hint of that if the product is particularly gorgeous) but rather the “MUST HAVE, GOTTA HAVE and SPOIL YOU ROTTEN” aspect of it.

This site has been a dream of mine for a very long time. The dream initially started as a bricks and mortar store. It has since evolved into an online gift store due to a decision based on family. None the less, the concept is the same, as are the gifts. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it!